The MultiChoice Talent Factory portal hosts DOLBY webinars!

The MultiChoice Talent Factory portal hosts DOLBY webinars!

Content Creators will learn the magic of using DOLBY technology in storytelling

14 April 2020 – The MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) in partnership with the Dolby Institute is excited to launch yet another online learning channel, Dolby Audio Webinars. The series of webinars covers a range of topics such Sound for video editors, Setting-Up a 5.1 Session & Mix environment, Dolby Atmos Content Creationand other sound engineering topics.

The first of 8 webinars will go live every Thursday, starting on the 16thApril 2020 from 13:00 – 14:00 CAT. The first session focuses on Script Analysis & Planning for 5.1 Productionsand is one of four webinars geared towards all content creators whilst the other four webinars are more technical and tailormade for mix engineers, video editors and system integrators.

In filmmaking, sound is often overlooked yet it’s an important component of filmmaking. The Dolby Institute develops educational programming to help creatives advance in the art of storytelling, whether they’re making a film, mixing the sound for a sporting event, or designing the next-generation music experiences.

As the leading video entertainment provider on the continent, MultiChoice recognizes the importance of understanding sound in order to tell authentic African stories. This partnership with Dolby will benefit storytellers across the continent and support the growth of the homegrown entertainment industry.

NOTE: The recorded webinar series will be made available on the portal the day after, so log on to to keep learning.


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