Creating Social Value

Our passion for and commitment to the African continent is unwavering as we pursue both the growth of our business and the upliftment of the communities in which we operate. By making great entertainment more accessible, MultiChoice Africa creates value for our customers, employees, and the communities and economies where we work.

Contributing to local economies

At MultiChoice Africa, we believe in the power of partnerships, working closely with all stakeholders and partners to drive the growth and development of the continent. We are managed and run by local talent, providing direct employment and creating opportunities for enterprise development through our network of retailers, installers, dealers and agents.

Wherever we operate, we contribute to the economy through tax revenues and make significant investments in broadcasting technology and the growth of the local sport and creative industries. For example, an independent, expert analysis of MultiChoice Zambia’s economic impact estimated the company’s direct economic impact at US$26.9 million in 2011/12, a figure which had more than doubled within three years (by 2014/15) to US$65.5 million a year.

This impact is even greater considering MultiChoice Zambia’s supply chain, technology investments and the multiplier effect our business has on broader economic activity in the country.

Investing in communities

We provide local communities with meaningful and ongoing support to create sustainable economies through various business and community initiatives.  We strongly believe in uplifting our communities and our continent and as such, we’ve initiated several Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives aimed at making a tangible, sustainable difference in the lives of our communities.

In line with this philosophy, education is a key focus of our CSI programme. We achieve this primarily through our flagship project, the MultiChoice Resource Centre (MRCs) initiative launched in 2004. The initiative uses MultiChoice’s digital satellite technology platform to support and enhance the learning and teaching experience in more than 2 000 schools in 28 countries. By providing participating schools with resources such as televisions, the latest PVR decoder, teacher training and the DStv Education package, we deliver an innovative educational resource to teachers and school children in Africa, enriching their learning with premium content.

Additionally, through the DStv Eutelsat Star Awards, we assist young learners to understand Africa’s challenges and to promote the knowledge of how satellite technology can change the course of development on the continent.

To ensure that our initiatives have a sustainable impact, we continuously improve their efficacy through ongoing support and monitoring. We would not be able to meet these challenges without the ongoing commitment of our partners and employees whose relentless drive, compassion and enthusiasm are nothing short of remarkable.

Developing sports and local content

As a video entertainment company, we’ve built the skills and capacity to become the backbone of the content that our customers love.

Our vision is to enable the growth of Africa’s creative industries and we are committed to delivering diverse programming and developing talent and production capabilities across the continent. We collaborate with talented  filmmakers and producers to tell authentic African stories, while also creating jobs and economic opportunities across the value chain.

Original productions made in Africa are available across a wide range of channels including the popular Africa Magic channels, which are accessible to over 49 countries on the continent through DStv and GOtv. MultiChoice, through M-Net is committed to telling African stories that stand alongside the best stories in the world. We actively support the growth and development of the television production industry which results in the wider growth of the economy. From 2013 to date, MultiChoice has invested approximately US$580 million in content. Our investment in stories and programmes has reinvigorated film and television industries across the continent, resulting in a proliferation of exceptional original local productions and the discovery of talent both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. This investment has also created jobs for scriptwriters, actors, producers, directors and many other players in the industry.

In sport, we’ve supported teams and national leagues to reach new audiences, grow revenues and build their capabilities. Through SuperSport, we have made significant investments to encourage the development of sport, from licensing to content production, sponsorships and skills training.